PhD Opportunities

I am seeking PhD students for many projects:

At ANU, all graduate applications are processed through the ANU Admissions Office. The following information is provided by the department regarding the PhD admissions process:

Pre-application process

Formal application process

You have to apply for admission and scholarship for international students. More information.

And stil more information.

International postgraduate research scholarship (IPRS) applications are mostly assessed once a year. In case there are sufficient number of applications, there might be an additional mid-year round. Please ask the ANU Admissions Office about the deadlines to not miss anything (cc me when you write to them).

In your application, you also need to get three referees to complete a questionnaire in addition to their recommendation letters, academic transcripts, and English proficiency test results. Please check the language requirements.

When you email me, please provide these information:

Your publications are very important. If you published a paper at a visible computer vision conference you improve your chances significantly.

PhD application process at ANU is very competitive. Someone needs to champion you for scholarship.

If I accept to be your supervisor, I need to provide a 'statement of support' letter for you. For this, I need the research proposal from you. There is no specific format, yet it should clearly state the research problem, its motivations and implications, existing approaches, their shortcomings, your possible solution and a brief list of expected results, a total of 3-4 pages. Research proposal is often revised during the course of the PhD study.