Small Collection of Past Projects (Pre 2010!)

Human detection
Online learning
Cyclic data visualization
Part based detector
Ultra-fast SVM
Learning on manifolds
Bilateral filtering
Multi-class classification
Semi-supervised mean-shift clustering with hard constraints
Motion based object detection
Cyclo-stationary processes- Boat detection
Object search
Deformable boosting
No-memory online boosting
Left-behind item detection
Pose tracking
Object tracking
Pose detector
Tumor tracking
Shape prior graph segmentation
Tracking under illumination changes
Moving camera tracking
Multi-feature based IR detection and tracking
Gaussian process dynamic model tracking
Recurrent tracking for automatic tracker selection
Regressed particle tracking
People counting
Joint HMM tracking
Electronic PTZ camera tracking
GPU CUDA for image processing
Collaborative computing
UAV data analysis
Thermal IR target detection and ATR
Intruder detection
Event detection
Shadow removal
Gaussian process manifold embedding
Multi-modal (color-thermal infrared) registration
Integral histogram
Traffic sign detection and recognition
License plate detection and recognition
Radar signal tracking
Active multi-class classification
Highway detection
Satellite road extraction
Cross-fitness distance
Traffic event detection
Traffic congestion estimation
Online Bayesian update
Video object segmentation
Electron microscope imagery
Intrinsic images - lighting compensation
Image reconstruction for filtering
Image simplification
Ultra-fast camera-projector distortion correction
Bandwidth renegotiation
Stereoscopic depth estimation by patches